N'Ice Burger

N’Ice Burger, the power of a contemporary concept and an authentic preparation.

Our story Splash
Our story Splash

Who we are

Missault has been known as a couturier de glace since 1945. Our expertise in artisanal desserts and ice cream creations was used to develop the concept and fine-tune the product. To do this, we have joined forces with the chocolate experts at Callebaut and the pastry chefs at Joriba. Missault provides N'Ice Burger with tasty stracciatella ice cream, Callebaut with delicious chocolate and Joriba with the crunchy bun.

Our story Splash

How it all began

The inspiration for N'Ice Burger came from California. The sun-drenched Californian beaches and the cooling waves of the ocean inspired us to translate the concept into a high-quality ready-made dessert using top-quality Belgian products and the help of a taste panel.

Our story Splash

What to expect?

N'Ice Burger is a story of friendship. A delicious dessert and an original taste experience to share. The waves of sensation take you from the crispy, warm bun to the cold vanilla taste bomb that still lingers in the core of Belgian chocolate.

100% Belgian quality homemade recipe Sparkles
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